I'm stuartsometimes, and this is my horse blog.

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I went on this blog to look at horses but my whole dash is just Jenna posting not horses

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“Yeah, you can raise the jumps now”

I don’t even think you tried horse



who can ride their overpriced overpampered horse around in a circle the best

lol the horses don’t even care

riding is weird

this is 100% accurate 

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hey goober
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Today was only my second ride on him, but I’m figuring him out and we’re getting so much better. He started out today tossing his head and being annoying, but the second I put my leg on him and get serious, he starts to understand and look for the bit. Like, I keep the reins pretty loose because he’s too young to be pulling into a frame, I want him to look for it himself. And he doesn’t hold it much, but there were a lot of moments where I felt him actively looking for my hands, which was awesome. As soon as he did I made a big deal of it and told him he was a good boy. And yeah, its just really clicking!

I asked Alex if he’s done any canter work and he said no, but I’m welcome to try. So I asked him in both directions and he picked it up (took about a whole corner each way but that’s fine) AND ALWAYS GOT THE RIGHT LEAD. LIKE WHAT? he has so much round pen training that he totally understands, its amazing. He did a little hop thing, kind of kicking up his heels and doing a rocking horse thing, but he didn’t even offer to buck. As soon as I put my leg on he was like, oh, we’re moving forward. Okay.

He’s so smart and talented and he’s just amazing. He needs a lot more work at the trot before we start cantering every day, but the fact that he did it that easily is a huge deal and I’m SO motivated. 

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